Sportgenia Consulting SL is a Spanish Sports Consulting Company whose partners have more than 15 years of experience offering comprehensive services in the world of sports tailored to the needs of their clients.

The key is the added value of a multidisciplinary service, with a global reach. Its scope covers not only purely sporting aspects such as the representation and mediation of soccer coaches and players, but we also offer legal, labor, fiscal and financial services related to the world of sport seeking the maximum profitability of the work performed.

Currently, Sportgenia Consulting SL is associated with the international network of the GSM Group, an international agency specialized in the intermediation and representation of soccer players and soccer coaches; which allows us to have professionals on all continents.

Sportgenia Consulting SL also dedicates efforts and invests in the search for new talents. With extensive experience at the national and international level, our company has highly qualified professionals in all areas, integrated within the organization chart of the company, we make consultants available to our clients who will resolve any incident that may occur during the contractual relationship. that guarantees a responsible and honest action based on personal attention and continuous monitoring.